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Best Locksmith SEO Strategy

We know how to outrank the local locksmith competition in every city in America. Here we have put together some of the highlights of how we do this as a free guide you could easily complete yourself in the matter of a few initial hours. For many locksmiths local search engine optimization is an easy win. Meaning for a low relative spend monthly they see hundreds of phone calls coming into their business. Were they to buy these keywords with costly Google AdWords their cost per acquisition is usually two to three times higher than leads generated through good search marketing.

Before starting any campaigns to generate traffic to your business online, always make certain that you have configured as much tracking as possible. Nothing is worse than having a campaign running with zero idea as to where your leads come from. While many owners we’ve met over the years simply ask their clients, there are a myriad of reasons you should not rely on this kind of data, suspect to human error. With tools in place like call tracking and Google Analytics, you will quickly be able to see where your efforts have paid off the most.

Getting Your Local Search Engine Optimization Campaign Started

Websites and the way they function, load and convert online traffic are at the core of every locksmith digital marketing campaign. Should your website load slowly or contain little content of value, you will often times have a higher cost to acquire leads either through organic search marketing or through any valuable traffic channels. Websites like Silver State Locksmith that dominate their marketplace, are refined to a point that there is simply no way a competitor could out perform at the core level of website design. Having the best starting point is important, as every dollar of marketing will be factored based on that initial quality score given by websites you will be marketing on like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Some good places to test your current website would be:

You can also check out our locksmith website design tips for better conversion once you start getting more traffic.

Testing Websites

In the above websites we’d be looking at areas of speed and performance as well as key on site seo markers that decide how successful an organic marketing campaign is. Some key performance indicators to make sure you’re hitting are that your website loads in under 3 seconds and doesn’t have an abysmal overall score on any of the above sites. You’ll want to make sure your backlinks are coming from sites that get traffic themselves and that your websites meta data is properly displaying the terms most likely to describe what you offer as a locksmith company.

Establish Social Credibility

In order to establish social credibility for your customer, displaying licensing and awards is a great way to put their mind at ease. Displaying them as a badge on your website near the top of your home page the way we have done is a good way to increase your conversion rates from shoppers to buyers!

Google My Business

Setting up your Google My Business Page for your business should be a top priority. Getting as many as possible where you are located is a close second. When setting up your Google My Business page make certain that you take every piece of data you can put into as an opportunity. Full service menus, every service identified as a secondary category and a detailed business description are some of the most important parts of getting this right. We also made a more detailed breakdown of how to set up a Google My Business page for a locksmith as well if you need further guidance on this. Getting traffic to this page is a process that can take a few months to ramp up, but when ran correctly will report what keywords your customers found you under like this.

Selecting the best keywords to target as a local locksmith

You will want to create a list of primary and secondary keywords that your business would like to target. Keep in mind that the single most valuable term for your business is “locksmith”. Data has shown us that more than 80% of your traffic should come from keywords tightly surrounding this phrase like “best locksmith” or “local locksmith”.

Primary keywords would be terms such as “locksmith by me”, while a secondary or long tail keyword phrase would be like “home locksmith for sliding glass door lock”. While both are important, you will utilize different keyword lists for different purposes. Writing content for your website will also be much easier when taking into account using the top keywords for your company.

Best Locksmith SEO Strategy Checklist

Right now, your website should be running well and your primary source of traffic being the local map pack in Google search should be setup and ready to go. Everything we’ve gone over so far is just the core fundamentals that are very important to do before starting with the more complex ways we work off site to rise in the rankings for valuable keywords. You should have:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Google Analytics
  • A or 90+ at least scores from the above testing websites
  • Zero backlinks from websites with a 0 Domain Authority
  • Correct On Site SEO setting on your current website
  • Starting keyword list (Reference Best Locksmith SEO keywords list if you need a more complete list of targeting keywords.)

Not covering these beginning steps is a recipe for disaster. Since every search user you obtain will be converted based on the above metrics, a failure to convert as often as possible means a higher spend per customer acquisition. By tying off all of these core fundamentals, you will have a higher conversion ratio which makes it easier to advertise more often at a lower cost per lead. With every locksmith campaign, this is how you want your business to show up at the apex of success once you’ve gotten there. Layered and dominate, your locksmith business could be receiving tens of thousands of eyes on it monthly. Get started on part 2 of the best locksmith seo strategy or give us a call to inquire a done for you solution.

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