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Mark's Locksmith

When you have to wiggle your key to get it to work, you need a locksmith.

When your key breaks, you need a locksmith.

When you don't know who else has a copy of your key, you need a locksmith.

When you have lost your keys, you need a locksmith.

When you lose an employee who had a key, you need a locksmith.

When you move into a new house, you need a locksmith.

When you forget the combination to your safe or need it changed, you need a locksmith.

When your keys are stolen along with your ID, you need a locksmith.

When your safety and security is in doubt, YOU NEED A LOCKSMITH!

Most people don't ever think of a locksmith unless they are in dire need of their services. Just like a plumber, a pest control specialist, or an electrician, they are one of those people you call when something goes wrong, often when they could have prevented the problem ahead of time with some preventive maintenance.

Locksmiths provide many services to the community that they serve. Many are willing to do a security survey of your property for a nominal fee, or even at no charge. They are professionals that are ready to serve you around the clock. They have hundreds of tools to help them service your needs. They have studied locks to be proficient in servicing them. They are likely members of an association, or organization where they continue their education. They subscribe to monthly trade magazines to help them learn tricks of the trade, from other locksmiths, and from manufacturers, and to keep up with the new locks coming out on the market. Some have studied for years, and earned designations like Certified Master Locksmith, or Certified Master Safecracker.

Some of them specialize in Automotive servicing, from unlocking your vehicle, repairing a vandalized or malfunctioning lock, to making you a replacement key when yours has become lost, or worn beyond functioning. Some specialize in residential or commercial service, and can repin your locks to a new key code, so the old key will no longer work, or if you need a new lock or deadbolt added to a door. They can also repair malfunctioning locks, add or repair a door closer so your door won?t slam, or add electronic access control to almost any level of security or convenience. Some specialize in high security areas, such as safes, vaults, and bank boxes. Many will be able to provide all of these services.

Locksmiths are there when you need them, from the local shop, to the mobile only service provider. They come out day or night, rain or shine. They understand when you are in need, and irate at your dog for burying the keys to your car in the flowerbed. They understand when you locked them in your car; they have more than likely done that too. When you come home and find your house has been broken into, they sympathize with you and can repair the damaged door, and make it stronger.

These are the kinds of things that locksmiths do. Like a dentist when you have a toothache, or the repairman when your dryer quits, they can serve you well.

Don't wait till there is an emergency. Get to know your local locksmith. They are always willing to answer your security questions. Just like you should get to know your doctor before you get sick, you will feel more comfortable during those trying times of stress.

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