Need this key blank for this to work: OEM#: 164-R8091 or 164-R8092

Add Duplicate Key (Requires two working Intelligent Access keys)

1. Place the new Intelligent Access key in the pocket inside the center console.
2. Press the power door UNLOCK control 3 times.
3. Depress and release the brake pedal 1 time.
4. Press the power door LOCK control 3 times.
5. Depress and release the brake pedal 1 time. The indicator on the Start/Stop button should start to flash rapidly, indicating the vehicle is in programming mode and has detected 2 programmed Intelligent Access keys in the vehicle.
6. Within 1 minute, press the Start/Stop button. If successful, a message will appear on the message center indicating the new Intelligent Access key has been programmed.
Note: A maximum of 4 Intelligent Access keys can be programmed into the vehicle. If 4 Intelligent Access keys have already been programmed, the message center will indicate, “MAX # of keys learned.”
7. Remove the Intelligent Access key from the center console and press the lock or unlock control on the new Intelligent Access key to exit programming mode.

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