About my photography background:

I started taking pictures in my early teens. When I got my first income tax return about the age of 18, I bought my first 35mm SLR camera. I still have it today. I learned how to take better photographs over the years. Over the years I photographed two Weddings, lots of Women, some Men, some Musicians, and some Commercial items.  Most of the people I photographed were co-workers of mine.

My first photo lab job was at Newell Color Lab in Los Angeles, Calif. I worked there for about 4 years, Newell Color Lab was where NASA, Lucas Films (Star Wars), etc, has their work process. Then I worked at Photocenter in Los Angeles, Calif. They did work for Playboy, Advertising Clients, etc. Then I worked for West Photo Lab in Seattle, Washington. After I heard about this company going out of business, I left there and went to work for First Class Photo in Bellevue, Washington. This is a family owned and operated business. I left there when I found out that they was going out of business and went to work for Ultraprint Photo Lab in Tukwila, Washington. After a few years I went back to college and received a Bachelor of Arts in Video Communications. After I graduated, my first and last TV job was at KVAL Ch 13, in Eugene, Oregon.

What I did and learned at the Photo labs:
I ran the full service lab in back of the photo lab. Used their Noritsu automated enlarger (QSP-311). Would make enlargements from 5" X 7" to 11" X 14". Ran their E-6 processor. Would run a control strip for the enlarger and the E-6 processor. Made corrections to the chemistry of the enlarger and E-6 processor. The corrections were made by adding water, chemistry or sodium hydroxide to the chemistry. I would load 120 or 135mm slide film. Push or pull the film from 1 to 3 f/stops manually. I would also color correct 135mm slide duplicates, 135mm internegatives, made 135mm color copy negatives, and spotted prints as needed.

What I did and learned at KVAL Ch 13:
I was a Video Editor. I edit video from beta and DVCAM tapes to scripts for the live News broadcast. I have knowledge of ENPS, CBS NewsPathNow server, and CNN PathFire server. I Uplinked stories and packages daily to CBS. I started training on new DVCAM cameras. I was getting training and assisting in live truck operations (Microwave, Satellite). Satellite Equipment I was using: Advent Exciter AVM 2951, Tiernan TDR 777 IRD, Drake ESR 1252 Earth Station Receiver.


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